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Happy Tails  -- 2024

Stories of Adopted Collies
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Posted:  February 2024
This is a long story made short. We have had NorCal Collie Rescue dogs for over 25 years.
Jack, our 97-pound male, died about 8 months ago.  This was the first time, over 45 years
ago we were without a collie and NorCal Collie Rescue simply had no candidates for us.
About a month ago, NCR let us know of a young rescue collie available in Lindsay, CA,
south of Visalia.

We contacted Central California Rescue Railroad (CCRR) and rushed down to meet this
wonderful dog.  Thanks to NCR and CCRR we adopted the female rough collie and couldn’t
be happier.

We've only had Chacha for a month, so I don't have a lot to relate to except that Chacha
loves to climb into laps and sleeps on our beds. She rarely "speaks" and likes human
contact.  One can see from the pictures that she is gorgeous and gentle. 

Bill and Laurie L. and Cousin Janie B.
This is Reno Shadow and the Wynns adopted him officially as of March 27th. He is doing
great and loves his Nor Cal Sheltie Rescue brother !
Reno Shadow
Posted:  April 2024
Blue was adopted by the Ephraims in 2023 after they lost their beloved Collie, Wiley.  Blue had
suffered a loss of his beloved owner as well.  He was a “foster fail” within minutes of meeting them -
they just knew he was the special soul they needed to mend their broken hearts.  He is a unique
Sable Merle with one blue eye and one eye that is half blue and half brown, but his greatest quality is
his endless capacity to love.  He greets everyone with a big Collie “smile” and a “hug,” and he
absolutely loves cuddles in bed and on the couch.  He will happily curl up with you for hours and has
never met a couch, pillow, or blanket he didn’t love!  Blue is a happy, confident, playful guy who likes
to explore San Francisco and bark at seagulls with his “butler” Jason, but is equally happy playing
with toys on the lawn in the suburbs or chasing squirrels and deer in Sonoma.  The Ephraims are so
happy that Blue the Love Bug is in their lives.  Blue saved them as much as they saved him.       
Posted:  April 2024
Scout was picked up as a stray just a month ago. His intake paperwork describes a stinky,
feces-encrusted, unkempt old dog with oozing eyes and a fever. He was considered an unlikely
candidate for adoption and slated to be euthanized at the end of five days.

Usually, shelter personnel will call relevant breed specific rescues but maybe they were
overwhelmed, or he was simply unrecognizable as a purebred collie? Either way, we're happy
that someone else took the time to let us know about Scout's plight.

Scout is a Gentleman Collie. He has no phobias, anxieties, or bad habits. He's a love with
people, dogs, and cats. We'll never know his human back-story, but my guess is he was
owned by a shut-in person who fed him a lot but never took him out. He weighed in at ninety
pounds, at least twenty pounds overweight, and was not used to walking much. Scout was one
tired puppy as we put him on a strict diet and increased his mobility with several short walks
each day.
Scout Pays It Forward
Posted:  May 2024
Scout has come a long way in a few short weeks. He loves his ride to work in the car every day. His beautiful face attracts admirers when we stop at
a red light. We have a new Forever Home lined up for Scout starting this weekend.

Yesterday evening, Scout was able to "Pay it Forward" in a big way. We went out to help in the search for another dog who has been missing for
several days in a very busy and built-up neighborhood. Shilah is a young collie mix who was adopted from a litter born after her mother, Willow, was
rescued. Shilah's family adored her and had called our group for advice when she was lost. The family had taken Shilah to a pet-sitter who was to
take care of her while they went to Disneyland, in Southern California. They had barely arrived when they got the call that Shilah had run away. (The
pet-sitter had thought the dog looked so well behaved that she didn't need a leash for a walk with a stranger in a strange landscape!).

Shilah's family turned around and drove 400 miles back home to search for their dog. Posters went up all over the place, reports were made to animal
control etc. but there were no immediate results. Shilah is a shy dog who won't go easily to strangers. On the plus side she is micro-chipped and
was wearing a collar with ID tags. On the negative side, traffic, traffic, traffic.

We advised the family to park one of their cars nearby so that the familiar scent would anchor Shilah to that area. Shilah was sighted a couple of
times over the last few days, by kind folks who called it in, but she always ran away.

I took Scout to meet up with, Shilah's owner, at the last spot she'd been seen. We started knocking on doors, asking to visit people's back yards. It's
been my experience that dogs will hide somewhere quiet when given the option. I've also seen that a panicked dog will more easily approach when a
sane and happy companion dog is brought into the mix. We took almost an hour just in one cul-de-sac. Shilah’s adopter told me he'd driven up down
and around calling his dog's name from the car. There was so much territory to cover and so many directions to choose from.

As we were almost finished on that street, Scout turned to look behind us. We were being followed by a tired and grubby collie mix named Shilah.
Human and Dog collapsed to the ground together, in tears and licks and hugs. Sheilah sat on her adopter’s chest and was so very relieved to be
FOUND. Shilah's feet were very sore, so her Dad went to get the car. She stuck to Scout for comfort, while he was gone.

I usually see dogs at the other end of the lost/found journey. It was very special to have been a part of bringing one home to her family
Samantha & Ginger
Posted:  June 2024
Arf, arf everyone,

We have had to keep our adventure quiet for a few weeks and I am now thrilled to be able to
say Samantha and Ginger made the electronic version of the “Pets and Petals Design
Contest” of the Floral Review Magazine.

Most of you will remember Samantha as one of the Demodex sisters. Now at 11 and
completely blind she is absolutely amazing, still hasn’t fully grown into those ears, loves
outings, and makes new friends every day. She is so resilient and such a lovebug, she is a true

Ginger was turned down by several people because she was extremely shy and emotionally
shut down after her human passed away. Thanks to Mary and Lauren we got the call and now,
Ginger is deservedly known as the Pebble Beach Princess!

The girls were chosen by the florist out of a bunch of local dogs (they are fairly well known
around Carmel) so when the photographer asked if we could try a photo shoot we of course
immediately said yes and the girls being soo wonderful knew just what to do after a few
minutes and those smiles say it all.

Wags and extra cookies to all,
Samantha & Ginger