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Like many young kids from my generation I grew up watching Lassie on TV. As I watched the show I would dream that I was Timmy, I wanted to be a young boy with a beautiful collie that I could call my own. But as we all know life doesn’t always turn out like we want it to, for example, I joined the Navy and traveled the world. But no matter where I went or what I did, there was always this unfulfilled dream that someday I would have a collie of my very own.

So here we are some forty years later and it’s finally time to make my dream come true, I can finally have my Lassie. But how do we get there from here, that was the question. We talked about getting a puppy but we also talked about all the collies out there that needed a good home. After a short visit to the Internet we found The Northern California Collie Rescue website. To my surprise and delight we found there were several beautiful dogs, each with their own story and they were all in need a good home. Even though we wanted to immediately bring them all home, common sense took over and we began to watch for that one dog that would be best for us.

Then one very wonderful day I discovered a new candidate named “Alex the Great” and he was looking for a forever home. We submitting the paperwork and were soon contacted by a very nice lady named Karen who asked us many questions and listened intently to every answer. At first I didn’t understand why she was asking so many questions but then I realized that she was concerned for the safety and well-being of Alex and she wanted to make sure that he was going to a good home. After a week of communicating with Karen, she was satisfied that we had met her very high standards and on that Saturday at 11:00 A.M., Karen and Alex arrived at our home.  I was very nervous and also very excited, I had been waiting a very long time for this day to arrive and now my Lassie was here.

However, even with the arrival of Alex there were still issues to deal with. We were very concerned for our current dog, a boxer named Timmy (I’m not making this up.)  We needed to make sure that Timmy would be ok with all of this. Also, Alex needed to get along with Timmy and we needed to get along with Alex and we had to pass muster with Karen. So needless to say we still had some obstacles to overcome. Karen took charge of the situation and within a very short period of time everyone had been introduced and the bonding progress had begun. Karen then spent the next few hours explaining in great detail everything we would need to do to make sure that Alex was properly taken care of. We listened intently and asked questions when necessary and when Karen was done, she was on her way and Alex was home to stay.

Alex has been with us for a little over two months now and we could not be happier. After waiting for forty years, I am finally realizing my dream and I must say that I am not disappointed. He has a great personality and he is full of life. He greets me at the door everyday when I get home and he is as happy to see me as I am to see him. He likes to go for walks with his Timmy by his side and they are even nice enough to allow us to join them. He is very playful and he and Timmy have already given us many hours of joy watching them as they play together. We are working on his training and I am very pleased as to how quickly he picks up on things, he’s making it easy. He also has a gentle side and when he is lying around being lazy or sitting by my side while I pet him, I wonder what he thinks of us? I hope he is as happy with us as we are with him.

Even though I never gave up hope, I often wondered if I would ever fulfill my dream of having my own Lassie. But Alex and Karen along with Northern California Collie Rescue have made my life long dream come true. Each morning I roll over in bed, (just like Timmy use to do on TV) and I look down toward Alex laying there sleeping and I can’t help but smile. As I grew older, I realized that I could never be Timmy. But I finally have my own Lassie, and his name is Alex. Thank you Karen, dreams do come true. 04.2010
Alex the Great
April 2010
We received Callie last Saturday.   We had a check list for the perfect addition to our family, and we hit the jackpot with Callie,    Our other collie rescue dog Macy has been in depression over the loss of her very best friend Kobe, and Callie has brought joy and energy to our house.  Callie has had some rough times herself, so  we are all helping each other,,,  She came in ,and right away stole our hearts. We couldn't be happier,  We want to say a very special thanks to Karen.  Such dedication is so amazing to see, and Karen is overflowing with it,  thank you from the bottom of our hearts,,,,,
November 2010
Aryll, Sundance, and I are now officially moved into our place on the ranch and the boys think they’ve died and gone to heaven!  Every morning and evening we take our walks through the orchards and up around the pond at the top of the property.  The dogs are definitely going to have a hard time going back to domesticity after this place if we ever have to live away from a ranch.

       Sundance is exceptionally smart!  He reminds me of my last rough collie I loved so much in that he’s sweet but essentially a one-person kind of dog because he knows he doesn’t have to listen to anyone who doesn’t make him listen.  He’s blown everyone away at his first couple agility classes and will be competing in his first novice competition in october.  Argyll enjoys agility but mostly does it because I ask him to.  Sundance is very unusual for a collie, and again, like my rough in that he LOVES agility!  He was able to run courses off leash by his second class just because he was so enthralled with what we were doing he didn’t want to go anywhere else,….although he is pretty good off-leash anyway.  When we’re waiting in line to run a course he watches each dog as they run the course.  Argyll’s agility runs are very precise.  Unlike a typical collie- Sundance’s runs are all about speed!   Sundance will blow Argyll away as soon as he learns a little more.

      He is the best bed cuddler I’ve ever had.  He doesn’t budge from over my arm all night…usually with the tip of his tongue hanging out.  He and Argyll are like long lost brothers and very bonded already.  I love that he is one of those rare dogs that truly has a sense of humor- he laughs, talks back, and jokes.  He also listens to you so intently when you are talking that you know he is trying to figure out exactly what you’re saying.  He has so much personality!    He makes everyone who meets him laugh.  He is indeed a very special dog.

      I am sure I couldn’t have found a dog more perfect for myself and Argyll than Sundance.  He fits in perfectly.  Thankyou so much for giving me the chance to have another best-friend!
August 2010
Happy Tails  -- 2010

Stories of Adopted Collies
March 2010

Letters from Cassia (Guinevere the Camelot puppy) and Family

Hi Karen,

It's Cassia. This family is incredible. They are training me to be in obedience. I love agility, and they have me jumping things. I love hikes, and the snow was very fun. I love this family, because they give me so many things. They also take me everywhere they go. I am a part of the family. Every night they play with me. Sometimes, Miranda cuddles up with me. I also get to go over to Miranda's grandparent's house to play with my BFF, Cindy. I also enjoy playing with Miranda's cat, Cinnamon. We play chase, and Miranda lets me herd her into her room at night. I like getting my exercise in the morning so that I can relax during the day.

Thank you for adopting me to my wonderful family (Susie, Lou, Miranda and Cinnamon).


~Read what Cassia's family has to say~
I adopted Hayden in May, 2010. He was renamed Merlin and has been my companion since that time.

Merlin has become a World traveler and is currently residing with me in Växjö Sweden! He has his own EU canine passport and has been to Iceland and Denmark. Here in our new home, he enjoys exploring the deep forests, walking his two new girls to school, and running on the football fields. Best of all, he likes laying on the balcony in the sun.

Sweden is very dog friendly, he travels free in the bus and train. He is a very calm dog and is much loved by our new family.

I have retired and spend much time with Merlin, walking and learning new things - both of us! He is very happy here
May 2010
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