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Collies Available for Adoption

Please read important information for prospective adopters at the bottom of this page!

Not all NorCal collies are listed on this page. We often work from a waiting list. If you are interested in adopting a collie, please send in an application[Click Here].  It often takes time to match each collie with just the right forever home.  Thank you for your patience.
Meet Dakota

This beautiful 8 year old, smooth, sable girl is available for adoption. Dakota is well trained, has served as a therapy dog, and is an all around wonderful collie in personality and soul. She is current on her vaccinations and is spayed.

* Below is a beautiful letter from her family about her life.

If interested, please CLICK HERE to complete an adoption application.

To be considered for adoption, you must have a fenced yard and live in Northern California. Adoption fee is $300
Meet Phoenix

Phoenix is a beautiful 10-year-old rough merle who loves people.  He enjoys long walks and being brushed.  He is learning basic training commands. 

He is neutered and current on his vaccinations. 

He is looking for a forever home where he is the only dog.   To be considered for adoption, you must live in northern California and have a fenced yard.   Adoption fee is $150. 
Meet Leo

Leo is an eight month old male, tri-headed white, Scottish and is
genetically clear for CEA, CN, DM, DMS, and single carrier for MDR1.
He is up to date and rabies and boosters but has not been neutered. 
His new family will have to sign a neuter contract at placement.

When he arrived, he was incredibly shy and afraid of city sounds. He
has bonded quickly to the 1 year old female collie and kids in his foster
home. He has made himself comfortable on the couches and in the
beds yet is also perfectly happy spending the afternoon on wet cement
watching the rain and sleeping in his large crate through the night. He
can be reluctant when new people come in but once you let him come
to you he is very affectionate and cuddly. He loves toys and is really
good at occupying himself as well as playing with the other family

On walks he needs some reassurance around the busy corners and
requires a harness for walking which has improved tremendously.   He
is doing well with his training and knows sit, down, stay, heel and is a
very quick learner.
He is taking a low dose of Prozac recommended by the veterinarian to
settle those nerves enough to be able to accept positive reinforcement
and accept necessary training. He is happy to sleep in his crate when
asked "crate up!" But has free rein of the house for the last week
without issue.
•  Fast learner
•  Gets along well with other pets and children, even children that are only here briefly for Playdates
•  Not an independent barker  (but will follow along if another dog starts)
•  Enjoys hanging out on the couch and in bed
•  Enjoy spending time outside
•  Potty trained
•  Leash trained
•  Crate trained
•  Occupies himself well with dog toys
•  Enjoys daily brushing
•  Naturally submits to existing pets and other dogs met on walks
•  Despite traffic noise sensitivity, is not sensitive to loud sounds such as thunder or wind

•  Treated for anxiety with Prozac
•  Still anxious in doorways
•  Highly sensitive to street traffic during walks
•  Timing of walks should be during the quietest time of the day as much as possible
•  Does not come to you unless you are calm and seated, will run away if you try to approach too quickly--if he pulls back
from something you cannot pull against as he will slip out of the collar and run home. (the fact that he knows home and run
straight to it is a positive.)
•  Will steal shoes and socks, and make collections along with other similar household items in a pile outdoors.
•  Will occasionally chew up things that he has collected

The home best suited for Leo would be a home that already has a confident dog in the home and has some experience
dealing with shy or fearful dogs.  As well as a home in a rural or quiet environment for this sweet, sensitive boy.  To be
considered for adoption you must have a fenced yard and live in Northern California. 

Adoption fee is $600.  If interested in being considered for Leo's new family, please CLICK HERE to complete an online
adoption form.  If you already have an application on file, please email laurie@calcollierescue.org.
Adopted March 2023
Adopted February 2023
Adopted March 2023
Adopted in March 2023
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