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Smokey's Fund Policy

NorCal Collie Rescue will make funds available to adopted NCR collies and their owners when funds are available. Please contact NCR to see if your collie qualifies.

If a NorCal Collie Rescue collie has extensive expenses due to a medical condition that places a hardship on the family to the point that the decision to provide treatment becomes a financial decision alone instead of a quality of life and health decision, the family may be eligible for “Smokey’s Fund”.

Criteria for consideration:

“Smokey’s Fund” is available to owners who have demonstrated that they have consistently provided a loving, healthy, safe environment for their rescue collie.  If the owner has not been in consistent contact with their adoption coordinator, a visitation with the collie and homecheck may be required.  The owner must have the ability to provide financial and physical support going forward.

“Smokey’s Fund” is only available for medical expenses and is paid directly to the institution at the time services are rendered. Written estimates for treatment must be provided by the institution to be considered.  The owner may, or may not, be asked to contribute to some portion of the treatment expenses.

“Smokey’s Fund” is only available to NCR Collies.

“Smokey’s Fund” may only be used for collies that have a prognosis of a continued good quality life after treatment. This fund does not cover costs for treatments of terminal illnesses such as cancer and kidney disease etc.

“Smokey’s Fundt” is a one-time only gift.  Should an owner apply for a 2nd time, NCR may consider taking the collie back into the organization to provide consistent care and remove the financial burden from the owner.

“Smokey’s Fund” is only available if NorCal Collie Rescue has sufficient funds to provide assistance.

NorCal Collie Rescue has the right to refuse service to anyone.