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Happy Tails  -- 2011

Stories of Adopted Collies
August 2011
I just wanted you to know that Shadow has adjusted quite nicely and is such a sweet boy, I am glad I waited to find just the right companion.  He has lots and lots of other dog friends, most of them his size, that he runs off-leash with at least two times a day.

It is such a joy to watch him run faster than all the rest and he is just so handsome when he runs.  There are times he has his own agenda and that is something we are working on, and he is getting better about not getting so distracted.  He is Mr. Social and will wants to run off to meet and greet anyone he sees a distance away.

He has a couple of stuffed "babies" that he plays catch with at home and then curls up and goes to sleep with them.  It is funny to watch how he somehow always ends up with his foot or chin on top of one or both of them.  He also plays a little ball, but I think he views it as more a game of keep away from me.

He has added a little weight and I have changed his diet so his coat is like silk.  He gets groomed every day during play time so that he doesn't have mats and I have survived my first experience with him "blowing" his coat.  Good grief, what a mess, even with all the grooming, but we are through that now and hopefully it will be a few months before he goes through it again.

He constantly gets compliments about how handsome he is and it is fun to hear how many people had Collies when they were kids but haven't seen many since then.  I think he stirs up lots of memories for people. 

I thank you again for making the process so easy to adopt him and I am very happy that he was in your care during his transition.

We will be in touch from time to time and I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.

Karen and Shadow
February 2011
I thought you might like to hear how Jake is doing now that he has been here for a month.

He has fit right in with our animals and our routines.  It is difficult to imagine him not being here.  He charms everyone he comes in contact with, and he is a very happy fellow.  I love having him flop down near the chair where I am reading or at my work desk.

His health and strength continue to improve.  His coat is looking better and better by the day, and he is well on his way to having a real collie ruff.  Oh, he went to the groomers last week with Bonnie and did beautifully.  The only thing he did not like was being separated from Bonnie.  As long as she was in the same room he was fine.

Bonnie is much more active now, and she and Jake play extensively every day.  Yesterday morning they had a particularly impressive case of the zoomies.  They both love those 'Check ups' dental treats.  I ordered in a good supply and I split one for them every morning after breakfast.  I have managed to train Jake to calm down a little when his food dish is being prepared, so now he is well behaved and does not attempt to intercept it on its way to the floor.  Still, he is so eager for the food bowl.  I can't help but wonder if his meals were erratic and perhaps occasionally non-existent in his former home.

He is still a 'Velcro dog', but less of one as he becomes more confident that we are not going to abandon him.  This morning as I did barn chores with the sheep he trotted off with Bonnie to check of the perimeter fencing.  Previously he did not want to get more than about 50 feet from me without turning and coming to my side, but this morning he was 100 yards away and having a good time.  I had to call them out of the paddock when I was done

He is a good sleeper for the most part, but he does like to go outside at first light and comes and nudges me around 6:30 every morning.  It's a good thing I am an early riser anyway.  I could throw away my alarm clock.  It's unnecessary.

Jake is a wonderful addition to our household.  We both love him and marvel at his calm and happy presence.  He is perfectly fine with the UPS delivery trucks that show up a couple of times a week and the big propane truck doesn't bother him, either.  He does not attempt to follow them out the gate and he doesn't bark or chase them, either.  He is a great fellow and we feel lucky to have him with us.
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