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We at NorCal Collie Rescue cannot thank our donors enough!

More importantly--the collies thank you!!

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Don Queen
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Barbara Kennison
Karen & Tony Sanchez-Corea
Mary Toft
Fred & Debora Moss
Ken O'Brien
Patricia Valdivia
Linda & Rick Aeschliman
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Karin Bennett
Jackie Berton
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Patricia Byrne
Brian Cable
Lauren Caudill
Pentronella Countryman
Kim Culver
Peggy Darington
Carolyn & Edward Dolezal
Leslie Drate
Linda Ephraim
Holly Evans
Hal & Mary Jo Feeney Jr.
Claudia Fulton
Debra & John Giannopulos
Jan Gilbert
Kathie Goheen
Susie Good
James & Lorna Groundwater
Jonathan Hahn
Jan Herbert
Dianan Hiiesalu Bain
Will & Diane Hoehn
Phyllis Hootman & Evan Taylor
Linda & Kristan Humber
Lynne & Rod Johnson
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Diane Jurich
Tina Kahilainen
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John Lalley & Frances Ross
Paul & Helen Larson
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George Machun
Jackie Martin
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Lisa McKenna
Liliane Morin
Marilyn Mothersell
Rob & Beverly Norman
Ken O'Brien
George Opacic
Tom Pogacnik & Margaret Waski
Antoine & Diane Sayegh
Francesca Schrick
Julie Stakenburg
Vivian Stiassny
John Thompson
Paul Tibbals
Debra Turner
Don & Pauline Usher
Vicki Weatherford
Pamela Wilde & Karen Van Weele
Cathi & Chuck Wrench
Chuck & Joann Zantgraf
Gerald & Sally Ziegler