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Many Thanks to our Donors

We at NorCal Collie Rescue cannot thank our donors enough!

More importantly--the collies thank you!!

In some cases donors have donated multiple times but will only be listed once in a calendar year.

In addition to the cash donations whose donors' names are listed below for the current and prior years, we would like to acknowledge receiving many donations of volunteer time, services, and other non-monetary items in assisting our cause.
DONORS FOR 2022 AS OF 12-31-22
•  Laura Fraundorf
•  Debra & John Giannopulos
•  John Finch         
•  Ivana Barrios
•  Kathryn Goheen
•  Liliane Morin
•  Kim Grewel
•  Kenneth O'Brien
•  Cristen  Shinbashi
•  Ruthie Biniarz Valentine
•  Alex Jeng
•  PetFood Express                                      
•  Pets Eternal Rest, Inc.
•  PG&E Your Cause
•  Lynn Jacobson
•  Laurie Jacobson
•  Yuly Jeng
•  Susie Good
•  Jill Pfeiffer
•  Charlotte Bear
•  Mitch Telson
•  Vivian Stiassny
•  Hal and Mary Jo Feeney
•  Julie Stakenburg
•  Chuck and Cathi Wrench
•  Rick and Linda Aeschliman
•  Carolyn and Edward Dolezal
•  Collie Rescue Foundation
•  George and Melinda Ahrens
•  Melinda Sunnarborg
•  Gordon Bernstein-Potter
•  Andrea Moss
•  Ken and Karen O'Brien
•  Helgesson Family Trust
•  Marilyn Mothersell
•  Kitty Norwood
•  Jan Herbert
•  Nick Grbac
•  Patricia Gilbert
•  Kristen Fletcher
•  Sacramento Valley Collie Club
•  Lauren and Dirk Caudill
•  Gary and Laurie Baum
•  Diane and Antoine Sayegh
•  Kathryn George
•  Margaret Vaughn
Many Thanks to all the donors who gave a donation in memory of Wiley Ephraim.
•  Linda and Jason Ephraim
•  Terri Festa
•  Dawn Armstrong
•  Darren Huber
•  Beth Antonoplos
•  Cheryl Smith
•  Susan Crandall
•  Kelli Carson
•  Karrie Gaylord
•  Maria Manfredi
•  Judith Langton
•  Elizabeth Shultz
•  Jaime LaPlant
•  Ann Thompson
•  Leslie Hicks
•  Beth and Leigh Austin
•  Nance Weber
•  Susan Ephraim
•  Joan Brewer
•  D Toy and S Simpliciano
•  Chris Sasser
•  Ellen Riordan