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Covid 19 Collie Santuary Home Application

An increasing number of families with pets are being affected by the Covid 19 Virus. NorCal Collie Rescue sees an increasing need for Sanctuary Foster homes throughout California because of this pandemic.  As a Sanctuary Foster home you are willing to bring in a collie that has a family unable to care for them due to the Covid 19 virus.  As such you will provide a temporary, loving home for these beautiful and gentle dogs until their owners have recovered.
City, State, Zip
Email Address:
Daytime Phone No.:
Evening Phone No.:

    Collies you might be willing and able to foster. Please check all your preferences.

    Preference:  Male  Female  Young  Mature  Senior ANY

    Would you be willing and able to foster a special-needs collie? (mark those that you can handle)

Pregnant or Nursing
Neonatal puppy or puppies (less than a month old)
Young puppy or puppies (2 to 4 months old)
Puppy (5 to 12 months old)
Injured or sick*
Elderly or medically challenged
Post-surgical (e.g. spay/neuter surgery)
Behavioral issues (fear aggression, nuisance barking, resource guarding, etc.)

NCR will notify foster of any known illnesses or conditions that the animal has and medications they may require. NCR will reimburse for all medical and grooming expenses while a collie is in Sanctuary care. NCR will not treat or pay for treatment of any other animals in the household should they become sick or injured as a result of an NCR animal.


Do all household members agree to your fostering animals?
Would you be agreeable to having your residence visited by an NCR volunteer or be willing to provide pictures of your home and yard prior to taking a collie into your home?
Do you have a secure, fenced yard?
If Yes, what type of fence and how high?
Do you have a pool?
If yes, is the pool fenced?
Do you have an area in your home or yard you can provide segregation of the sanctuary dog from other animals and people if necessary?
If YES, please explain.
Do your work away from home?
If Yes, how many hours away?
How will you manage the foster dog while you are away?
Are you willing and able to bring the collie to a veterinary hospital or emergency clinic (evenings/holidays) should he or she become ill?
Are you willing to administer medications to a collie who requires them?
Do you have pets of your own?
If yes, please provide us with the following information about your own pets:  
Type (dog, cat, etc) Breed Size Sex Age Altered
If you have other animals, how will you manage the foster dog around them?
Consider other dogs versus smaller, vulnerable animals like cats, birds, etc.
Are your own pets current on their vaccinations and medications (e.g. heartworm)?
Do you have prior experience with the type of foster care you are willing to provide?
If Yes, please explain:



If your application for fostering is accepted, then you will be asked to comply with the stipulations below. 

The NCR Covid 19 Collie Sanctuary Care Program is for collies whose owners are affected by Covid 19 Virus.  I understand that I will care for them until their owner recovers or are adopted.  Please review the following statements, then after you submit your Sanctuary Home Application you will be directed to this Statement to print out, initial and sign.
I understand the collie I have agreed to sanctuary/foster has been exposed to the Covid 19 virus. 
I understand that I must take all necessary safety precautions to eliminate transmission of the virus as recommended by the CDC.
I understand that if safety protocols change, I will follow all safety instructions as provided by NCR and the CDC.
I understand fully that the collie(s) I foster are temporarily in my care and belong exclusively to NCR or the Covid-19 patient.
I further understand that the purpose for the foster relationship is solely to provide care for the collie(s).
I understand that when the collie(s) are ready to be available for adoption or returned to their family, as determined by an NCR officer, I will return him/her/them to NCR or placement or their owner.
I understand that I have the option to be the first person to fill out an application to adopt the animal (or one of the animals, if multiple) that I have fostered.  I understand that this application must be on file with the NCR Adoption Coordiator prior to that animal becomeing available for adoption.
I understand that the collie(s) I foster for NCR may have infectious diseases and that NCR will not treat or pay for the treatment of any other animals in my household should they become sick as a result of contact with the NCR collie(s).  I understand that NCR will notify me of any known illnesses that the collie(s) has/have, but that the collie(s) could have other, unknown illnesses and could become more ill.