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Referral Collies (and friends)

These collies, collie mixes, shelties and other collie lookalikes are available from other rescue organizations or individuals.

Please contact these rescues for information and your application form, if needed.*
Ruby needs a new home…her owner would like to find a loving home for her where she can be free from anxiety and fear of attack due to the aggressions of another dog in the family.

Ruby is a 7-year-old, tri color, rough female collie.  She will be 8 on 12/8/18.  She is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccines. She is MDR1 mutant so does have drug sensitivity that must be managed. She is in good health and her teeth are in good shape.

Ruby loves her walks and hanging out with her humans. Whether in the house or in the yard, she will follow her people around and is happy just lounging around. She gets along well with other dogs and is good with cats, even snuggles and licks cats. She’s very friendly with people and good with children.  Ruby loves food and will counter surf if given the opportunity. Otherwise she is very well mannered, walks well on leash, is non reactive and  does not get up on any furniture.

Her rehoming fee is $250. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Ruby or possibly adopting, Please contact Karina at Kejunge@sbcglobal.net
Maisie needs a new home because our 3 year old son has developed a dog allergy.

Maisie is a very sweet 8 month old puppy who loves to follow all the family members around, especially our 3 year old as she likes to investigate the fun stuff he gets up to. She is fully potty trained and rings a bell to go outside. She likes to play fetch and tug and is good about letting humans take her toys away from her, even our 3 year old can take toys from her. While she is good with kids, sometimes when playing fetch outside in the morning or evening she gets puppy zoomies and will run and then jump on you so older kids who arenít as easy to knock over would be best.

Maisie gets along well with other dogs and does really well at the dog park but she can be possessive with her food and toys at home. I used to dog sit another dog and sometimes she shared her toys and other times she didnít. Itís something to consider if you have another dog. She has had an ovarian sparing spay done (removal of the uterus leaving the ovaries in tact) which means she still has her hormones but she doesnít bleed and she canít get pregnant. Due to this, she will need to be in a home with neutered males only as intact males will want to mate with her and can do damage to her if they do.

Maisie is scared of people so she will need someone who is patient to work with her. She is not aggressive and will go up to people at the dog park out of curiosity but she doesnít want strangers touching her. She will warm up to people who are guests to your home and once sheís made friends with them (lots of treats help) she will remember them and be playful with them. Maisie doesnít like being in busy areas like a downtown setting either as it makes her nervous. She loves to go hiking/running out on trails - thatís her favorite. She is okay going for walks in quiet neighborhoods, especially once she becomes familiar with the route. She walks pretty well on a leash except when she gets scared. I use a harness so that if she gets spooked, the leash doesnít yank her neck.

Weíre asking for a re-homing fee of $400 since Maisie has been spayed, microchiped and is up to date on all vaccinations. As of the date of this posting, we have 4 months of heartworm preventative and one month of flea and tick preventative left that weíll provide to the new owner as well.

If youíre interested in this sweet girl please contact Shandi at shandi.daisy@gmail.com. I am located in Oregon but Iím willing to drive to Northern California or Washington state for the right home. We will not ship Maisie.