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Letters from Cassia (Guinevere the Camelot puppy) and Family

March 2010

Hi Karen,

It's Cassia. This family is incredible. They are training me to be in obedience. I love agility, and they have me jumping things. I love hikes, and the snow was very fun. I love this family, because they give me so many things. They also take me everywhere they go. I am a part of the family. Every night they play with me. Sometimes, Miranda cuddles up with me. I also get to go over to Miranda's grandparent's house to play with my BFF, Cindy. I also enjoy playing with Miranda's cat, Cinnamon. We play chase, and Miranda lets me herd her into her room at night. I like getting my exercise in the morning so that I can relax during the day.

Thank you for adopting me to my wonderful family (Susie, Lou, Miranda and Cinnamon).

Hi Karen,

We have been meaning to send you an update on Miss Cassia. We can't believe she has been with us a year on March 4th. She is turning out to be a wonderful dog. We take her to weekly training, which she is thriving with. We can't believe how well she is doing, and it is our plan to keep going to training. We took our other dogs for years because they loved it. Cassia seems to enjoy going as well. There is a giant schnauzer, Ollie, in the class that she flirts with.

Since she has been with us, she has accompanied us on a number of trips to LA.  Three of those trips we went to Disneyland, which I think she enjoyed. We walked around downtown Disney, and she really does well with all of the noise and people. The kennel has a play yard, and we usually bring a ball to play fetch. The last trip down to LA in January, we also went to the snow. We also took her hiking in the hills near Lou's mom. We are having so much fun taking her places. When we took her for hikes, Lou would lead, and she stayed between him and myself. We were so proud of how well behaved and responsive she was to verbal commands.

Her best buddy is my parent's dog, Cindy. We visit them frequently and let the dogs play, which they can do for hours. My parents have taken a few vacations, and Miranda, Cassia and I go over and house sit. The dogs love all of the time they get to spend together.

Most mornings Miranda and I take Cassia for a walk, which we all enjoy. In the evenings, we take Cassia to a local parking lot to work on training and playtime. Cassia has started accompanying me to our Furry Friends dog showcases at local pet stores. We hope to show her in obedience some day, but we have a while before she is ready. She is still such a puppy and needs to learn more self-control and needs a bit more maturity before she would be able to follow commands in the ring.

Take care,
Susie and Lou
Hi Karen,

Itís Miranda. I have had the most fabulous time with Cassia so far. I taught her sit, down and stand. I am starting to teach her to weave between my legs and to drop in a sit stay. Cassia and Cinn, my cat, have become buddies and play together. Cassia will run after Cinn when Cinn runs. Cinn intentionally runs, because she wants Cassia to chase her. Cassia also loves playing with her frisbee. We take her to local parks to play with her frisbee. We also played frisbee in the snow. It is fun to watch her hike off leash. She has a good recall now, so we can trust her to run around on hikes.

Watching her mature and get older has been wonderful. She looks like a small Lassie now. When we go to Disneyland, everyone says, "It's a collie," "Look It's Lassie," or "She is so beautiful." She loves people. She also has her wookie sound when we play tug.

Happy Tails  -- 2010

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